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We make reusables competitive!

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Retailing without virgin plastic

Our vision

We enable reuse eco systems in all areas – from take-away to supermarkets.

Next steps

Return Anywhere

We start with the take-away sector.
During a pilot project, we enable the cross-return of reusables at restaurants and integrate central return-points.
This creates a comprehensive return-network within a city.
Citizens can return reusable cups and bowls anywhere (Return Anywhere).
Reuse becomes convenient!

Which problems does ReFrastructure solve?
1. Convenience beats sustainability

We support all initiatives which try to reduce single-use packaging by implemeting reuse solutions or by offering unpacked products. However, we are convinced that a system change also requires reusable containers that can be (re) filled at the place of production, taken off the shelf and returned anywhere (Return Anywhere). Only then reuse will be accepted by citizens.

2. Infrastructure costs

Each individual system on its own cannot sustain the cost of a return-anywhere infrastructure and cannot achieve the minimum volume for competitive costs compared to single-use packaging.

3. Monopoly

If a provider of a reuse data platform gains widespread acceptance this may lead to monopolistic structures as we observe with Amazon, Uber or Airbnb. Data possession is power. Manufacturers and retailers may become dependent on this provider.

4. ReFrastructure

ReFrastructure solves the dilemma of monopoly abuse by its legal structure and data design. As a foundation for the common good our purpose is limited to digital infrastructure. We may not offer our own containers nor engage in logistics or cleaning. Our distributed ledger technology enables synergies and efficiency gains without compromising data sovereignity.

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Our approach


Platform economy for the common good

The purpose of ReFrastructure is to enable the system change towards reusable packaging and to treat all stakeholders of the ecosystem fairly.

To ensure that ReFrastructure does not become a monopolistic platform and that successes benefit all participants, ReFrastructure has been designed to be legally neutral (gGmbH / foundation).

ReFrastructure cannot be sold. Profits have to be reinvested or used to reduce costs.


Scaling through neutrality

Profits are reinvested or used to reduce costs. We enable the generation of synergies. In contrast to current platforms like e.g. Amazon, we preserve the data sovereignty of the individual market participants and do not exploit the data for our own benefit. As a neutral and trusted partner, we scale reusable packaging together with all market participants.


System change based on technology

The use of digital, automated clearing processes for financial flows and logistics enables competitiveness reusable packaging to compete vis-à-vis single-use packaging.

Partners & sponsors

The team of ReFrastructure

Tilmann Walz
Markus Urff
Ines Vanlangendonck
Niko König
Eckhard von Münchow
Edi Tosic
Markus Dangelmayer
Marina Grenz
Wolf Wagner

ReFrastructure schafft die digitale InFrastruktur für Mehrweggebinde (ReUsables), die in verschiedensten Bereichen den Einsatz von wiederverwendbaren Gebinden ermöglicht.

Die Stiftung ReFrastructure ist eine rechtlich und technisch neutrale „Datenautobahn“, die ein automatisiertes Clearing und eine intelligente Optimierung logistischer Prozesse ermöglicht, sodass alle Marktteilnehmer der unterschiedlichen Wertschöpfungsstufen gemeinsam das „Flaschenmehrwegsystem“ auf geeignete Produkte in ihrer Branche übertragen können.

ReFrastructure ist kein Systemanbieter (wie z.B. ReCup oder Faircup), stellt keine Verpackungen her, übernimmt keine Logistik / Reinigung, sondern baut insoweit auf existierenden Lösungen und Partnern auf.

ReFrastructure creates the digital infrastructure for reusables, which enables the use of reusables in a wide variety of areas.

The ReFrastructure foundation is a legally and technically neutral “data highway” that enables automated clearing and intelligent optimization of logistics processes, so that all market participants at the different stages of the value chain can jointly transfer the “bottle reusable system” to suitable products into their industry.

ReFrastructure is not a system provider (such as ReCup or Faircup), does not produce packaging, does not take over logistics / cleaning, but builds on existing solutions and partners.